Are you a working parent who’s new to or considering homeschooling?

Get my top 5 hacks to make homeschool work for you.

If you’re new to homeschooling this year, you’re not alone.

Our not-so-dear friend ‘Rona has thousands of parents reimagining how their kids do school. You’re probably thinking, “I already have a job! How can I make school happen, too?” Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. 

Download this free guide for the top 5 hacks my husband and I use to make homeschool work around our busy careers.

In my free guide, you’ll: 

  • Learn that homeschooling as a working parent is possible! 
  • Get my top 5 hacks for thriving as a working, home-educator! 
  • Receive links to additional resources to help you on your journey (and an exclusive discount code)!

Hey I'm Suzie!

Educator, mom, executive  & serious sympathizer

In this crazy corona season, I’ve Facetimed with countless friends who are new to or considering homeschool (hello #pandemic). They’re a little overwhelmed, to say the least.

I know it’s a lot and I’d really love to help. I’m a busy work-from-home COO who also homeschools two beautiful, bold & brilliant daughters. And many moons ago, I actually began my career as a teacher (with a degree in Early Childhood Education). Those experiences have given me a lot of insight into: 

  • The educational must-haves for most kids
  • The filler we don’t have to juggle
  • And the real-life process of creating a school-from-home setup that works for your family

I’d love to share a little of that insight to make your transition into homeschooling a heck of a lot smoother. Let’s talk about how you can make homeschool work… while you work!


Ready to land your school decision today? Let’s do this together.