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What’s Inside?

5 Quick Videos

Designed with busy, working parents in mind

A Curriculum Rundown

To help you find the right resources, fast

Schedule Simplifiers

To create a rhythm that works for your kids AND for you

Troubleshooting Tactics

So you know how to navigate even hard homeschool days

Ready to escape the overwhelm & feel confident about this school year?


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An opportunity… on the other side of a BIG obstacle.


If you’re a busy, working parent who’s exploring homeschool or distance learning for the first time, you’re not alone. Our not-so-dear friend ‘Rona has thousands of parents considering that path. Whether homeschool is a temporary, unexpected solution for your family or it’s something you’ve been dreaming about for a long-time—you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions as you get started.

In a way, it feels like an opportunity. A chance to keep your kids safe, spend more time with them, and maybe even raise the quality of their education this year. But there’s also an obstacle to overcome: you already have a job. How will you find time to plan a solid year of education—let alone make it happen day-by-day?

I created Homeschool Like a Boss to help you conquer that obstacle. It combines my best insights from transitioning my own kids to homeschool (while working full-time in an executive role) AND from my years as a school teacher. 


It’s a shortcut to get you set up & into a successful rhythm fast.


5 Easy, Effective Course Videos

What Matters Most?

Identify your biggest priorities, connect to your "why," and create a vision for your homeschool year! 

Design Your Rhythm

Craft a simple schedule to support your kids’ energy & your work needs

Select Curriculum

Quickly pick the right program for your family (or identify when you don’t need one!)

Top 5 Hacks

Get practical, game-changing tips that will help you thrive as a working homeschool parent!

How to Troubleshoot

Discover a proven process to recover on even your hardest homeschool days

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Bonus Time!

Homeschool Like a Boss also includes a step-by-step implementation guide


The Busy Parent’s Action Plan outlines exactly what to do each day to get your homeschool system up-and-running in 30 days flat.

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If you're overwhelmed by all the unknowns, you don't have to go it alone. 

Questions we’ll help you answer:

  • What does a homeschool day look like?
  • How do you work around meetings and appointments?
  • What curriculum do you get? Where do you even buy curriculum?
  • Are there ways I can tailor the experience to my child’s learning style to make it more fun & effective?
  • How do I know if they’re actually getting the material or not?
  • I haven’t done math in 15 years! How the heck am I going to teach them?!
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Homeschool Like a Boss includes: 

  • 5 video trainings designed with busy, working parents in mind
  • The Implementation Guide to get you set up for success within 30 days 
  • Plus a risk-free Money Back Guarantee

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You’re a powerhouse professional, which means you’re smart & capable. You can definitely figure out this homeschool thing on your own. It just comes down to how much time you have to spend.

Would you rather dig through a bunch of articles and waste dozens of hours trying to piece together your own solutions and still not feel totally confident? (Or worse, just give into the belief that homeschool is impossible for you as a working parent.)

Or would you rather save a ton of time with a course designed to help you make fast, informed, strategic decisions—so you can create a school from home setup that works for your family and your career?

Learn how to make homeschool work… while you work.


Get $20 off today using code BOSS20 at checkout. That means the whole system is less than $50—which is probably less than 1 of the dinners you’ll order-in trying to figure this all out yourself.

Get the Course—only $49 w/ Code BOSS20 at Checkout Today!

Hi, I’m Suzie!

Educator, mom, executive & serious sympathizer

In this crazy corona season, I’ve Facetimed with countless friends who are overwhelmed trying to make the right call for their kids’ education. I get it. There’s so much to think about. 

  • School (which is already germ city) feels scary. Plus, you don’t see how the teachers will be able to keep kids apart or in their masks all day long.

  • There’s distance learning. But it’s a lot of screen time & no socialization. And how are teachers going to juggle that with in-classroom students? You’re rooting for them, but it feels like an experiment that could cost your child a year of education.

  • Which leaves a lot of us considering homeschool. But if you had the skills or time to do that, wouldn’t you have started already? It’s hard enough to keep them occupied while you sneak in a Zoom meeting… 

I know it’s a lot and I’d really love to help. I’m a busy work-from-home COO who also homeschools two beautiful, bold & brilliant daughters. And many moons ago, I actually began my career as a teacher (with a degree in Early Childhood Education). Those experiences have given me a lot of insight into the educational must-haves for most kids, the filler we don’t have to juggle, and the real-life process of creating a non-traditional schooling setup that works for your family. I’d love to share a little of that insight to give you a sense of confidence, peace—and maybe even some excitement—as you head into your first year of homeschooling as a working parent.

Imagine what it would be like to quickly & confidently design your homeschool plan and enter the year knowing you’re set up for success as a working parent?


I believe in you, my friend. You really can Homeschool Like a Boss!

Get the Course—only $49 w/ Code BOSS20 at Checkout Today!