Does COVID-19 have you making some hard decisions about school this year?

If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of busy parents are weighing the same choices. But you don’t have to do it by yourself! Let’s think it through together—and land your school decision today.

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How would it feel to make a solid decision about your kids' school plans today?

It’s totally possible. After all, no one knows what your kids need more than you. You’ve got this! You just need a little help thinking through the variables. 

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Change the Narrative

Replace the overwhelm (and overanalyzing!) with calm & confidence

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Hey I'm Suzie!

Educator, mom, executive  & serious sympathizer

In this crazy corona season, I’ve Facetimed with countless friends who are overwhelmed trying to make the right call for their kids. I get it. There’s so much to think about. 

  • School (which is already germ city) feels scary. Plus, you don’t see how the teachers will be able to keep kids apart or in their masks all day long…
  • There’s distance learning. But it’s a lot of screen time & no socialization. And how are teachers going to juggle that with in-classroom students? You’re rooting for them, but it feels like an experiment that could cost your child a year of education (especially if they’re already in middle school or high school).
  • Or there’s homeschool. But if you had the skills or time to do that, wouldn’t you have started already? It’s hard enough to keep them occupied while you sneak in a Zoom meeting, let alone a whole year of school from home… 

I know it’s a lot and I’d really love to help. I’m a busy work-from-home COO who also homeschools two beautiful, bold & brilliant daughters. And many moons ago, I actually began my career as a teacher (with a degree in Early Childhood Education). Those experiences have given me a lot of insight into the educational must-haves for most kids, the filler we don’t have to juggle, and the real-life process of creating a school-from-home setup that works for your family. I’d love to share a little of that insight to help you feel more confident in the big choices corona has created for us all. Let’s talk it through & find the fit that works for you. 

And please don’t worry! I’m not going to tell you WHAT to do. Only you know what’s right for your family. What I will do is help YOU confidently make a decision by sharing my process for eliminating all the overwhelm, logically weighing your options, and creating a “For Now” plan for your family—so that you can feel confident and at peace as you head into the school year. 

Ready to land your school decision today?

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