Hey Friends!

I’m Suzie Barbour and I’m a busy work-from-home COO who also homeschools two beautiful, bold & brilliant daughters. And many moons ago, I actually began my career as a teacher (with a degree in Early Childhood Education). 


When I realized public education was no longer serving my daughters well (so hard to admit as a former teacher who loves school!), I was in a career that I loved and didn’t want to fully give up. I wasn’t sure if homeschooling would work for us and felt stuck. Over the years, my hubby and I have found out of the box ways to homeschool our daughters while we both work full-time. 

It isn’t always easy or conventional, but we have built an educational approach that works for our family and the best part—our daughters are thriving! We’d love to connect with you and support you on your journey. Here are a few ways we can help:

  1. Are you struggling to decide what education path is right for your family? Check out my FREE course: School, Homeschool, or Hybrid: 3 Steps to Find the Right Fit for Your Family

  2. Are you a working parent who is just getting started with homeschooling? Not sure where to start? Not sure what curriculum to select? I’ve got your back! Check out my course: Homeschool Like a Boss! Real-Life Strategies for Working Parents. It will seriously save you hundreds of hours of work, trial and error, and research!! 

  3. Whether you’re new to homeschooling, unsure if you should try it, planning to only do it temporarily, or have been homeschooling for years—I’d love to connect with you! I’m constantly sharing homeschool content and tips on my social media accounts. Come hang out with me there. 

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